Hi folks! Surgery is done and I’m going to be released in an about 20 minutes. Things went really, REALLY well.

Here are a few pics from the day: 

  Before everything – just call me doughgirl   
 Checked in and waiting!

I kid you not, this was what was on in the waiting room


Blue is SO my color


I’m a hard stick. The poor nurse felt so bad about having to go twice (I don’t really mind since it’s far from the worst pain in the world).

The waiting area where I met my doctors and got all ready for a nice snooze.

Post surgery, high on morphine selfie

Post surgery not awake photo by my mom.

Unedited post-surgery belly
Edited for lighting, circles show insciosn sites.

Again, things went well. I’m not in nearly the amount of pain I was in last time and am actually looking forward to my days off to heal…though that could be the Percocet as I am seeing double.